Trying out the Self Care Case – Your New Medical Organizer

by Ariela Paulsen
Trying out the Self Care Case – Your New Medical Organizer

Living with chronic illness comes with an unfortunate amount of gear. That’s why Mighty Well designed the Self Care Case — to help our Friends in the Fight with an intuitive, patient-designed, medical organizer.

I have been on the market for a comprehensive medical organizer for some time, and was excited to try out the Self Care Case! Organizing pills is one challenge, but keeping track of liquid vials of multiple medications on top of pills, as well as other miscellaneous equipment, is tricky.

My first impression of the case was that it’s a great size — large enough to actually fit lots of gear, but not too bulky to fit into any of my bags. It can hold up to 10 pouches of pills, vials, etc. It also has an expandable pocket on one side and a beautifully designed arrangement of elastic bands on the other side. This elastic grid is great for holding an assortment of supplies; it keeps them both secure and easily accessible.

The reviews are in! Check out what one of our Friends in the Fight has to say about her experience using the Self Care Case:

This is a well designed product which assists with medication adherence by storing everything I need in one convenient, durable, portable and easy to organize system. Not only am I using it multiple times a day, I am also recommending it to my patients”

– Kirsten

The pouches are included, but you can purchase replacements if you need more. They are clear, which helps to quickly see what’s inside, and have a zipper to keep anything from falling out if the case gets jostled in your bag. The coolest feature of the pouches, perhaps, is that you can write on them! Washable markers will show up on the surface, but then wipe clean when needed. I love the versatility that this provides; I can clearly label and then change it at any time.

For a long day out, it helps me organize my AM/PM daily pills, as-needed pills, lidocaine gel, various eye drops, cream for dry/rashy skin, and liquid vials of different medications, etc. And best of all, it even holds snacks! For me, keeping my blood sugar steady can be just as important as the medications I take.

For a few days of travel, it holds my daily medications in each pouch, along with letters from my doctor in case I need to bring my liquids onto a plane.

Here’s What They’re Saying

We are so happy that the Self Care Case is helping to reduce the stress of managing a chronic illness for our Friends in the Fight. Check out what our community had to say about how the it has helped them turn sickness into strength.

I’m obsessed. For me, I store my daily meds for the week, along with my inhaler, supplements, hand sanitizer, along with headphones and a snack if I’m going to be going out. But it can hold so much more than that, this small case has so much storage, whether you need to hold EpiPens, glucose monitors or syringes, a notepad, you name it, there is room to hold it all and it works for everyone with any medical condition! Since moving to college, I have been awful at organizing my pills and I am constantly misplacing my inhaler so I love that I can keep everything in one place so the stress of wondering where everything is, is gone!

Kirsten, chronic and invisible illness advocate, @crohnswarrior on Instagram

For additional photos and features, such as size, check out the website.

Have any other questions? Let me know!

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Chloe gass October 6, 2019 - 5:36 pm

How do I get one?

Ariela Paulsen April 20, 2020 - 10:53 am

Sorry for the delay! You can buy a Mighty MedPlanner (and other helpful products!) at

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