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Why We Wear Masks

At the very start of the COVID-19 crisis in America, medical-grade masks were recommended for those likely in contact with the virus.  The CDC stated that simple cotton masks were not particularly helpful.  But then, seemingly overnight, the CDC declared that not only were cotton masks helpful, but everyone should be wearing them.

So… what happened?

For starters, as we heard from Dr. Noor in our live event, COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus.  This means that it is new and, by definition, has properties that scientists are still figuring out.  Scientists at the CDC (and elsewhere) are working tirelessly to learn as much as they can, and as quickly as possible.  So if their information seems to change suddenly, let’s keep in mind that it’s because of how quickly they are learning new information.  

“I wear a mask in public out of courtesy to everyone.  No one knows my status nor do I know theirs.  It is nice to be kind to others.”

— Pamela (Mighty Well’s Operations Director)

Secondly, the reality is that there simply were not enough medical masks to go around, and we now know that even asymptomatic people are spreading the virus.  And while a homemade cotton mask isn’t the most effective, it is far better than nothing.  It may not be able to filter out all germs, but it stops the moisture droplets in your breath (which carry viruses) from spreading into every environment you enter.  It also, hopefully, keeps you from touching your mouth and nose, which protects you from germs that may have gotten on your hands.  For those of us who don’t have access — due to supply shortages or financial strain — cotton masks are a great alternative.

“I wear a mask for two reasons – for myself and for someone I love – I have a chronic illness that leaves me immunocompromised at times and my dad has a lung condition that could become a severe complication if he were to get infected with COVID-19”

— Holly (Creative Director)

At Mighty Well, we are working hard to get our masks out to you, our community, as quickly as we can.  Our Mighty Well Mask (click here to check it out!) will use our most premium fabric —a blend of antimicrobial silver ion and bamboo carbon — so you can go about your social distancing in a way confident and safer way. 

“I wear a mask so that my students will feel safe coming back to school this fall”

— Ari (Content and Community Manager, and part-time teacher!)

States are starting to loosen their restrictions.  As people begin to emerge from quarantine, there will be a spike in exposure risk.  Masks are an important way to keep yourself safe, but also to protect the people you come in contact with and the community as a whole.  Remember those of us who are older or have underlying conditions, who are most vulnerable to this virus.  The best way to care for others is to keep your own germs contained.

We hope you will join us in facing the world safely and in-style!

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4 Responses

  1. My son and I wear our mask for our health we are both Immunocompromised! And also to protect people around us.

  2. How do I get a Mighty Mask for my Son and I? The mask we have are ok but I bought a bunch of homemade ones and I handed them out to family and friends! But being we are both disabled I so worry they may not be enough.Unfortunatly I have so many Dr’s now I hate it. Ihave my GI whom to me is most important! I have a Cardiac +Pulmonary+Neurologist+ Hematologist+ Oncologist! My son has LUPUS and his Specialist is about 45 minutes away he had a stroke at 23 and had to move back home with me! We both are very very careful and very scared of this dreadful Virus it really wouldn’t take much to put either of us down for good!!!

  3. I hear you! The number of doctors we juggle, and then to handle all of it during this very scary time… Ooof. I hope you are still doing ok! We are just finishing up production of the Mighty Mask, so stay tuned — I will post the link here as soon as we have it available 🙂