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Chronic Illness

Accessing Medical Supplies

Mighty Well was created when Emily Levy, our co-founder, was instructed to cover her new PICC line with a cut sock. She set out to find a better option and – when that failed – created the PICCPerfectⓇ PICC line

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Chronic Illness

4 Tips to Foster Disability Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity inclusion in the workplace can have benefits for all involved.  Not only does it make our society more equitable, but having diverse perspectives – and listening to those voices – is good for business.  We all bring different experiences

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Chronic Illness

Halsey Celebrates New Diagnoses

Singer-songwriter Halsey is all about realness.  They have been open about struggles with endometriosis for years.  When they had their first baby last July, they publicly spoke about prioritizing time with their son over time spent trying to get back

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General Wellness

3 Tactics For Managing Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting over 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older – 18.1% of the population –  every year.  I am one of them. If you have

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Chronic Illness

Top 2 Digital Medication Organizers

When I was 24, horribly ill and desperate for a diagnosis, I went to my doctor seeking answers. She was very kind and listened politely but said, “You’re actually quite healthy.” Dumbstruck, I asked how she had come to that

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We're committed to humanizing and demystifying medical devices. In a healthcare system that can often fall short, you rely not only on medical professionals and caregivers but also on the strength drawn from fellow Friends in the Fight. Together, we learn about better ways to care for our health. Well, because we deserve it.

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