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I don't have an eating disorder | feeding tube
Chronic Illness

When Doctors Assume You Have an Eating Disorder

Any society, or really any group of people, will carry biases.  We are taught – subconsciously much of the time – to make assumptions about people based on qualities like race, gender, age, etc. This does not make us bad

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Chronic Illness

Justin Bieber: Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

Just a couple of years ago, Justin Bieber shared that he was battling Lyme disease.  It was rough, but he was able to take the time and treatments needed to heal.  He used his platform to advocate about Lyme, even

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Chronic Illness

Disability Pride Month

Featured above: Friends in the Fight celebrating Disability Pride — @survival_of_the_sickest, @maddiexgordon, @taylorthetransgineer, @kristendoornbos, @thedisabledhippie As June winds down, I often feel a twinge of sadness knowing that Pride Month will end.  I don’t care much that the silly rainbow-themed

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Chronic Illness

Myasthenia Gravis Awareness Month

June is Myasthenia Gravis Awareness Month.  If you have never heard of MG, you are not alone!  We reached out to Friend in the Fight Katie McCurdy to shed some light on this autoimmune condition that affects tens of thousands

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