Top 3 Digital Medication Organizers

by Ariela Paulsen
Top 3 Digital Medication Organizers

When I was 24, horribly ill, and desperate for a diagnosis, I went to my doctor seeking answers.  She was very kind and listened politely but then said “you’re actually quite healthy.”  Dumbstruck, I asked how she had come to that conclusion after hearing my list of symptoms.  She replied “well, you’re not on any medications.”  I can still feel my heart drop into my stomach just thinking of those words.  Is being sick with no diagnosis “healthy”?  Is being diagnosed with no known treatments or cures “healthy”?  The outlandishness of it made me want to laugh.  

A year after that visit (and my vow to find a new doctor), I found my diagnoses.  And so began a slew of treatments.  Some were helpful, some were not.  Still others were simply nutritional to supplement my strict elimination diet.  When I finally had so many pills (in addition to multiple vials of liquid medication) that I had to buy a jumbo-sized pill box, I actually laughed out loud.  If only that doctor could see me now!

Keeping track of these medications is dizzying on the best of days, and near impossible with thick brain fog.  Yet staying on top of things is so important to staying healthy.  I am grateful for products like the Self Care Case that keep all my gear in one place, but that’s only part of the puzzle.  Being able to remember to take medications on time is a challenge of its own.

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We recently reached out to our Friends in the Fight to find out what digital organizers have helped them keep track of medications.  Here are some of the cool tools they suggested:


MediSafe is a customizable app created to help patients keep track of medications.  It offers an easy platform to create a medication schedule and “just in time interventions” to keep you on top of that schedule.  The technology can also identify trends of when you tend to forget or mix up medications, and offer suggestions to help you develop better habits.  While the app is patient-centered, you can also share your account with your care team – both medical providers and loved ones – so that you don’t have to do this alone!

This is a website with helpful information about medications and the conditions they treat.  The list of resources offered is quite long but includes comparison tools, a drug interaction checker, and discount cards.  Their medication guide app helps you keep track of your medications and create a printable medication record to share with your providers – no more racking your brain and getting a hand cramp from writing them all down before every visit!


CareZone organizes more than just medications.  It can track your health data, such as blood pressure or heart rate.  It can order your medication refills so that you don’t have to worry about running out.  And for that medications list at your doctor visits, just scan each med’s label and it will create the list for you!

Do you have a system or tool that works for you?  Join the conversation in our Friends in the Fight facebook group!

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