Rare Disease Day

by Ariela Paulsen
Rare Disease Day

Living with chronic illness is a challenge.  Living with a rare disease only adds to the challenges: locating providers who are knowledgeable and comfortable enough to treat you, explaining your situation to friends and family who’ve never heard of your illness, accessing treatments available in your area and price range, finding people with the same condition for support…

In honor of Rare Disease Day, we would like to give an extra shoutout to all of our Friends in the Fight™ who are living with rare (or rarely diagnosed) diseases!  We see you and would love to welcome you to our Friends in the Fight™ group.

For more stories, check out 10 Celebrities Who Know What It’s Like to Face Rare Disease, or our previous spotlights on Wendy Williams, Robin Roberts, Travis Flores, Lady Red Couture, Jimi Olaghere, and Sia (who has both Graves’, a rare disease and EDS, a common, yet rarely diagnosed one).  

Want to learn more about rare diseases and how you can join the fight?  Check out the National Organization for Rare Disorders.

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