Mighty Well | Mighty Close To Home | Tori and Lulu Piskin

Mighty Close to Home: Featuring Tori and Lulu Piskin

The relationship between patients and caregivers can be wonderful, challenging, and complex.  Many of us feel the need to down play our illness for fear of making others uncomfortable, or avoid the topic all together, even though it plays such a prominent role in our lives.  Perhaps if we started sharing more, it would become clear that we are far from alone!  The CDC estimates 60% of adults in the US live with a chronic illness, and 40% live with more than one.  This is the premise for our new series: Mighty Close to Home!

Mighty Close to Home brings the relationship of patient and caregiver to light and serves as a reminder that illness and disability affect us all!  While we might not all identify as a patient or caregiver, you likely know someone who is. For our first Mighty Close to Home feature, comedian Tori Piskin and her mother Lulu talk about their relationship as both mother-daughter and patient-caregiver.  It is beautiful, vulnerable, and delightfully funny.  

Tune into Mighty Well’s Instagram at 2:00 PM EST to see the full video!

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