Mighty Well Mask Do’s and Don’ts (and Why’s)

by Ariela Paulsen
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The CDC recommends wearing droplet masks when you are around other people.  Droplet masks work by keeping your droplets (germ-carrying moisture from your breath) away from other people.  

While we don’t know much about this novel coronavirus, we do know that it can be transmitted by people who do not feel any symptoms, or who are not aware they are sick.  Research is also beginning to show that it can remain airborne for hours.  This means virus particles that we breathe out don’t just infect people who immediately breathe it in or touch the surfaces on which the virus has landed — although that can happen.  The virus can actually linger in the air so that anyone who breathes in near where the infected person was previously standing could become infected.

This is problematic because, while we can disinfect surfaces, it is difficult to disinfect the air.  The good news is that there’s a very simple and inexpensive way to keep our air safe to breathe — masks!

When we all wear masks in public places, the air remains clear of coronavirus.  Those we come into contact with, as well as anyone sharing the air space later, are kept safer.  

In order to maximize this protection, we’ve put together some tips for correctly using your mask:

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