Top 5 apps for managing illness

by Ariela Paulsen
Top 5 apps for managing illness

At Mighty Well, we know that patients and caregivers are the ones with the pro tips.  We live with our conditions every day and have found creative solutions for making each day a little better.  So when we’re looking for fresh ideas, we ask our Friends in the Fight!

Managing a chronic illness can feel like a full-time job.  There are medications, exercise regimen, appointments, complex meal needs… sometimes it feels like you need an extra brain for your brain!  We were curious about apps out there that could help make things easier.  This is what our Friends in the Fight taught us:

1. What did that doctor say again?

We’ve all been there — you wait to get in with the doctor, and go in with a list of questions.  Somehow the appointment passes in a blur, and you get home realizing that you don’t remember what was said!  Whether from brain fog, rushing, or anxiety, it can be challenging to be present enough in appointments to ask good questions and retain the important information. Abridge is an app that records your conversations with doctors so that you can access them later.  You can listen to recordings, read transcripts, and even search for specific keywords to find that one moment that has you puzzled.  Abridge can also help you keep track of the bigger picture and act as a record to share with friends, family, and providers.

2. Keeping track of medications

It shouldn’t be so tough to take your medications on time, yet it can become so complicated!  This one is every meal, that one is four times daily, this other one is every other day… and then you go to stock your Self Care Case for the week and realize that you forgot to refill a prescription that is now out!  Not to mention that icky feeling when you’re pretty sure you took your pills, but are you 100% sure?  Is it worse to go without or to accidentally take it twice?


Multiple Friends recommended apps to make your life easier with medications.  CareZone was the top pick, although Medisafe was also recommended.  These apps can keep track of your various meds, remind you to take them at specific times, and even order refills that arrive at your door!

3. Medical records on-hand, just in case

Ideally, your medical care is nuanced and crafted to fit your body’s specific needs.  If you were to find yourself in the hospital, however, how would the doctors there know what works best for you?  MyID is a way to always have your medical records with you, in a discrete and even fashionable way!  You can choose from a wide array of bracelets, sliders to add to your watch, keychains, and more in their shop.  You then create your own profile with medical records and alerts.  For example, you could alert a new doctor to a serious allergy or have a note from your doctor saying that you have POTS and if you are found unconscious, you likely just need a bag of saline.  The prospect of an emergency room visit for those of us with complex conditions is quite daunting; MyID can bring you peace of mind!

4. Smart watch apps

Smart watches are trendy ways to motivate yourself to exercise, text on the go, and — of course — tell the time, all in one place.  These watches are also capable of amazingly accurate health tracking!  Smart watch apps can track your sleep quality and cycles, blood pressure, heart rate, and more!  This data is easy to share with doctors and integrates easily into other apps and devices.

5. Period trackers

For those of us who menstruate, hormonal fluctuations can have an impact on day-to-day health.  Keeping track of your cycles and the symptoms your body experiences as a result can help you anticipate your own needs.  This is even more true for people with hormonal disorders like endometriosis or PCOS.  Of our Friends in the Fight surveyed, Flo seemed to be most popular, but there are so many available!  Click here for a list of 11 OBGYN-recommended period tracking apps.

Thanks to our wonderful Friends in the Fight for keeping us in the know!
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