Halle Berry Opens Up About Type 2 Diabetes

by Ariela Paulsen
Halle Berry Opens Up About Type 2 Diabetes

Chronic illness can come with shame and stigmas that keep many of our stories in the dark. It takes courage to come out to the world with a diagnosis. That’s why we love it when celebrities choose to use their platform to open up chronic illness conversations!

Type 2 diabetes is no stranger to stigma, due to fat shaming and misinformation. Yet Halle Berry has proudly and gracefully shared her story with this common disease. She has shown that having diabetes is not something to be ashamed of — it hasn’t stopped her from having a successful career in modeling and acting! As many of our Friends have experienced, having a chronic condition helped her become the incredible woman she is:

“Diabetes turned out to be a gift… It gave me strength and toughness because I had to face reality, no matter how uncomfortable or painful it was.”

Halle Berry (Business Telegraph)

Do you have a chronic illness hero? Someone who has been loud and proud about their experience? We’d love to hear it in our Friends in the Fight facebook group!

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