Pulse Therapy: A New Approach for Treating Lyme Disease

by Emily Levy
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Think of a truck starting and stopping on a highway. Go-go-go and then it comes to a screeching halt. In essence, this is what Lyme Disease pulse therapy feels like.

The clinical idea is to start and stop antibiotics to treat Lyme disease and co-infections. According to doctors, such as those in the Jemsek Clinic, this allows the body to have time to recover from the Lyme die off and it allows doctors to figure out the effects of a certain medication on treatment. While many different Lyme protocols use pulse therapy, we have chosen to share our very own Professional Patient, Emily’s, experience with pulse therapy: 

Today I was hit hard: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Today I started cycle three of four of my oral medication pulse therapy for Chronic Neurological Lyme disease.

According to protocol, I had had a two-week break of medication. Hoorayyyy, no mepron (that nasty yellow liquid that not only stains everything it comes into contact with but, it also tastes like milk that has gone bad). I did notice an acceleration of joint pain while on my ‘medication vacation.’

But today.. .let me tell you about today. It wasn’t just a case of the Mondays, but rather dread knowing I had to take 32 medications and supplements to kick Lyme’s butt. This morning I popped my Omnicef, minocycline, artemisinin, lactoferrin, Diflucan, Flagyl (and a few other supplements). Add in the ten drops of Enula to my tea and a fatty scoop of peanut butter to choke down the mepron and day 1 of cycle three officially begins!

I did my morning errands and so far so good…

Then it hit me as soon as my afternoon nap approached. Mood swing. Achey. Arthritis-like pain, nausea beyond belief, and the all too familiar left frontal lobe headache.

It was time for my go-to solution: naps (on naps on naps) – it fixes everything in life.

But unlike usual, today, the nap didn’t cut it. I woke up dizzy, light sensitive, and increasingly nauseous. I even had to ask my mom to help me walk down the stairs.

It is a constant struggle of wanting to feel independent and needing to rely on friends and family for help in bad Lyme days like today.

Once I snapped out of it, I had a good two hours and even managed to get dressed and go out for a cup of tea with my mom, and to our favorite boutique (small win, right?!).

Then, that small amount of exertion sent me spiraling again. Back to bed from 5 PM to 8:30 PM and I even took a SECOND two-hour nap and woke up with night sweats.

Waking up again nauseous, confused, and light sensitive, I gave in to my emotions. Today was a hard day. I am not going to lie. But tomorrow is another day, and I can celebrate only having to take 15 pills tomorrow. I will make it through today and I will make it through tomorrow. Day 1 down, 13 more to go!

Wish me luck!

Send me your positive thoughts at [email protected]!

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My friend Mikayla, and myself, in my go – to treatment shirt! 

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