Top 10 Items for Your Friends in the Fight Essentials Box

by Ariela Paulsen
Mighty Well | Peppermint Oil - Spoonie Essentials

One of the best aids in going about your day is an “essentials box” which has all the things you need to manage your condition and stave off complications and attacks.

With a Friends in the Fight Essentials Box, you have the confidence to go about your everyday life without worry, knowing that you can deal with any emergencies that may come up.

Hand Sanitizer

Personal hygiene is the simplest way to prevent infections. It’s especially helpful if your immune system is weak due to fatigue, illness or any other reason. And of course, nothing beats the feeling of being squeaky clean. Organic products like EO Botanical Hand Sanitizers are a great choice and tend to cause less allergic reactions in people.

Stain Removal Pen

stain removal pen for spoonie essentials box

It’s almost inevitable that we get some mess on our clothes, and these can be unpleasant to deal with for the rest of the day, and at worse can be breeding grounds for bacteria. A stain removal pen not only cleans up the stain on the spot and saves you a laundry headache later, but it also disinfects it quickly and safely. Tide creates an easy to handle pen called Tide To Go.

Baby Soap

Hand gels and wipes are great for convenience, but for a proper wash, nothing beats real soap. Having a little bottle of a liquid non-toxic soap makes for a great portable solution that gives you a deep clean wash when you need it. It’s also great for washing your face, which is more than can be said for any hand sanitizer. My personal favorite is from The Honest Company!

Adhesive Removal Wipes

Whether you are changing bandages or just taking a price tag off a book, you will have ugly adhesive stains left over. These wipes will come to the rescue every time. Uni Solve Adhesive Remover Wipes are great and come in convenient little packets to put in your kit.


Your daily medications must be available at all times in pill boxes that are organized by the hour – so you don’t forget to take any pills throughout the day. Be sure to stock them up for at least three days, because you never know when you might be out for an extended period. You’ll also want to have some pain medications like Advil and some antihistamines like Benadryl.  

Snacks & Drinks

Taking meds on an empty stomach isn’t a great idea. Having something in your stomach before you pop that pill can help a lot, and having something with some good fat content helps a lot in satisfying hunger and preventing overeating. A drink also helps wash it all down, and keeps you hydrated, helping with exhaustion, nausea and other problems. Some good choices include chocolate snacks like Bark Thins and refreshing teas like Honest Tea-try going for one that is unsweetened this time around.

Peppermint Oil

Many topical oils are great for soothing the body, especially for relieving sore muscles or nausea. Peppermint Oil, such as the ones made by Super Naturals Hygiene, can help soothe allergies, sinus problems, and even help ease digestive problems. It’s the one oil you should never be without!

“Boo Boo” Sticks

When you get a scrape, a burn, a rash or a bruise on your skin, it helps to have one of these skin balm sticks on hand. A quick and easy application helps soothe any irritation and promotes healing. Made In The Shady makes all-purpose sticks from organic materials that will soothe any “boo boo.” These are incredibly convenient and should have a place in any essentials kit.


There’s no telling when you might need a warm blanket to keep your body temps normal, and it could be life-saving in a potential emergency. If nothing else, having something on you that is warm and fluffy can improve your wellbeing on a long bus trip with an overly-efficient air conditioner, or in a boardroom meeting where the thermostat is out of whack. A space-age nylon blanket is compact but unsightly, but any reasonably-sized blanket that appeals to you will make a great option.

WrapJAcket (1).gif

If you don’t want to compromise your style, the Mighty Wrap is your best bet. Not only will it keep you warm, but it’s also perfect for those who need access to a fistula, peripheral IV, implanted port (HICKMAN®, BROVIAC®, GROSHONG®)PICC line, tunneled central venous catheter (CVC), diabetes pumps or other medical device.

ER Protocol

You never know when you might be rendered incapable of telling people what medical attention you need. If an accident happens and you aren’t able to tell people about your special needs, it’s essential to have a note explaining your condition and what kinds of treatment you require, along with the contact information of your attending physician. This is an essential step that could save your life someday.

With a little preparation you can make the perfect essentials box of your own, and of course, you can customize each box to your specific needs. We hope these ideas help you in making your essentials kit and remember that what works best for you, is the best thing to put in the box.

Want to share your own items or learn more about what other people in the community have in their Essentials Box?  Join us in our Friends in the Fight Group.

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