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6 Tips for Soaking up the Sun: Summer with a PICC Line

As someone hailing from the Ocean State, I was devastated when I realized that summer with a PICC line meant that I wouldn’t be able to splash in the waves at Narragansett Beach, where I grew up. Growing up, most of my friends were at summer camp, so my dad would drop me off with two dollars, a cheese sandwich, and my boogie board, and say, “See you at 5 o’clock!”

Getting a PICC line felt overwhelming, but not getting wet doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! Here are my top 6 tips for having an amazing day at the beach and enjoying summer with a PICC line:

1. Never get your arm wet!

This includes sweating, getting water splashed on you, or accidentally letting a wave hit you. A wet PICC line dressing can lead to infection, and you should immediately call your healthcare provider for a dressing change if this happens.

2. Bring extra towels

If you decide that you want to lie down in the sand or maybe you just need to prop your arm up against your beach chair, be sure to bring extra clean towels to help keep your PICC line clear of sand.

3. Keep sand off your arm

If possible, wear a long-sleeve rash guard or a long-sleeve shirt.  If that’s not your style, make sure to wear your PICCPerfect® PICC Line Cover to keep your PICC line safe and secure. For extra protection, you can wrap your arm in medical gauze and then place your PICC line sleeve on top.

4. Find a shower sleeve that works for you

We recommend our Mighty Well H₂O Shield™. These come in multiple different sizes and coverage options. The H₂O Shield™ Waterproof Shower Protector will cover the PICC line insertion area, and the H₂O Shield™: Cast Shower Protector will cover the majority of your arm!

5. Keep it classy

There’s no need to compromise on style!  Find a PICCPerfect® PICC Line Cover that matches your favorite swimsuit!  

6. Have fun!

PICC lines are there to bring you better health.  Having fun and living life to its fullest are also important steps forward for wellness.  So, get out there with confidence — we’ve got you covered!

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