Benefits of PICC Line Covers

by Emily Levy
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Learn about the benefits of protecting your PICC with an ultra-soft, antimicrobial, and moisture-wicking PICC Cover

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what is a PICC line?

  • A PICC line is a tube that a doctor or a nurse inserts into a vein around the elbow. It is long, thin, and hollow.
  • A PICC line is used when one requires chemotherapy, intravenous medication, or fluids for a long period. It is also used when one requires frequent blood sampling.
  • To place a PICC line, the doctor threads a line along your arm’s vein until the line on your chest forms a large vein. An anesthetic is given to numb the area. After this, you will have an x-ray. The x-ray is done to check whether it is in the right position.

There are various ways of maintaining a PICC line. A dressing that is changed every week helps to hold the PICC line in place. Also, to reduce the risk of infection, the cap at the end of the line is replaced weekly. The line is regularly flushed to prevent it from blocking.

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benefits of PICC line covers

A PICC Line Cover allows for you to protect your PICC, and reduce the chance of pulling your line in your daily activities. You have to be specially careful when changing your clothes, playing with children, or doing strenuous activities.  Mighty Well‘s PICC line sleeves have a smart design that allows you to do your treatment without exposing your insertion site. This reduces the risk of infection. The design also prevents from your line having to be in touch with your skin, reducing the irritation your skin may have.

Our goal is to assist in removing stress from the daily routine of our customers so their confidence and style can shine through.

Every component of our PICC line sleeves are painstakingly researched and selected with our customers’ needs in mind. Merging function and style, we ensure that every one of our PICCPerfect PICC Line Covers are top quality for our customers.

Our customers turn to Mighty Well when seeking connection, understanding and support. The community we create fosters fun, friendly and empowering engagement through sickness and in health.

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