How I Pack My IV Infusion Backpack

by Jordyn C.
Mighty Well Ambassador Jordyn shows off her Fluid Motion Backpack

Hi! My name is Jordyn, and you may have seen me on Mighty Well’s social channels (here I am when I had a PICC Line.)  I’m 21 and suffer from POTs, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, gastroparesis, hypoglycemia, and MCAS. I document my medical journey on Social Media Via TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube! 

Ditching the IV Pole

I currently use Mighty Well’s Fluid Motion Backpack, which has given me so much freedom. I usually am hooked up for my IV infusion between 8 to 12 hours daily through my Hickman line ( a central line catheter similar to a PICC line but placed on your chest.) Having to stay connected to an IV pole all day is exhausting, but unlike this bag, I can go about my day normally. 

Organized and Accessible

The Fluid Motion Backpack has so much storage in the front two pockets it’s very easy to keep everything clean and organized. I store many supplies and personal items in my bag, such as a medical folder for emergency information in case an accident arises! Extra giving sets, dressings, blood pressure cuff, and even my iPad! Being able to find something in a pinch is made more accessible.  

My Favorite Compartment

The larger back medical compartment is my personal favorite. I can have my infusion pump on one side nice and secure, thanks to the velcro flaps! On the other side, I have saline flushes and heparin. About a handful of these items will fit in the larger needle-safe pocket, which is awesome because sometimes, you’ll need extra supplies in a pinch! 

In the two smaller mesh pockets at the top, I store emergency information cards (that I made on Canva, so cute!), an emergency glucose kit, extra alcohol swabs, disinfecting caps for the ends of my Hickman line, and Liquid IV! If you’ve been thinking about getting a Fluid Motion Backpack, I highly recommend it! 

If you’d love to see more about how I use my backpack and other days in the life of chronic illness, check out my YouTube channel. If you’re interested in purchasing your own, you can use my code JORDYN10 at checkout for 10% off! My bag is customized by Rescuing Me Boutique.

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