3 Ways to Celebrate Spring

by Ariela Paulsen
3 Ways to Celebrate Spring

It’s official — spring has sprung!  Birds have returned to sing each morning, flowers are blooming, trees are budding, and hope is in the air.  It’s time to pack up those winter clothes and switch up our routines to include more time in the sunshine.  This year, perhaps more than ever, celebrating spring is a much-needed tonic to remind ourselves that changes in our world come and go.  Our lives can open up to forgotten joys with this new season of rebirth.  

Looking for meaningful ways to greet change this season?  

1. get outside

This may seem obvious, but it bears repeating.  Few things provide more hope than basking in spring sunshine and fresh air!  Structure walks with friends (or meditative walks alone) into your daily schedule.  Spending all day at a desk?  Find safe spaces to work outdoors instead.  If you’ve felt cooped up or stuck in unpleasant patterns all year, maybe try something new — research nearby nature trails, swimming holes, or kayak rentals.

Nervous about new outdoor adventures?  Check out our tips for surviving allergy season and reminders about tick safety.

2. change of space and change of pace

Yes, it’s cliche, but spring cleaning is a tradition for good reason.  You will (quite literally) breathe easier once those windows are open and months of dust and clutter have been purged.  If you have extra time and energy, moving some things around to create a new vibe at home or at work can also help your brain absorb the hope and positive change in the air!  Better yet, if you have a moment, take a look at your patterns and priorities.  Are there any activities or habits that are no longer bringing you joy?  Or are you craving a different pace of life?  Spring can be a great time to make these tweaks to our routines.

Overwhelmed by the prospect of spring cleaning?  Check out our spring cleaning guide here!

3. spread positive change

Living through a global pandemic has been a tremendous reminder that we are all in this together. Whether caring for the health of our planet or its inhabitants, our actions make a difference. Each of us has a role to play in the necessary healing to come.  Find small ways to make someone’s day brighter.  Reach out to someone who may be isolated.  Protect your community by masking up and staying 6 feet apart.  Celebrate Earth Day by cleaning up, planting environmentally-conscious gardens, or starting positive habits to heal our planet.  Not only will these actions spur much needed positivity and trust, but it will feel good to have made a difference!

Want to reach out to someone but not sure of the best way? Check out our 5 ways to give support to someone you love!

However you choose to mark this transition into spring, don’t forget to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.  Continuing to take small steps now will get us back to normal faster, but we’re almost there!  We wish you hope, love, and strength ♡

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