Spread love, not germs, this Valentine’s Day

by Ariela Paulsen
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This Sunday is Valentine’s Day, the time for showering others in love!  And what a year for it… we could all use a little extra appreciation and affection right now.  But with COVID-19 still affecting hundreds of thousands of people each day, plus new variants with higher transmission rates, it’s time to be smart about how we celebrate.

Whether you’re celebrating with your Valentine, Galentines, or just trying to spread some love to those who need it, here are some tips to do so without also spreading your germs:

1. cozy at home

The best way to reduce transmission of COVID-19 is to simply keep your festivities within your household.  Snuggle up to a movie with your spouse, make fun decorations with your kids, or cook a festive meal with your roommates.  You’ll be able to relax more knowing that you’re not putting yourself or loved ones at risk.  Looking for something extra special to do while home, to make this night different?  Try a date night in a box!  (Yes, these are great for friends and family as well, not just romantic partners)

2. snail mail 

As introverts know well, sending love doesn’t always have to be face to face!  Send a card, flowers, tasty treat, or other loving surprise through snail mail.  Who doesn’t love a care package on their stoop?  And given the connection we’re all craving, even a hand-written letter describing life updates or a funny train of thought is likely to be a source of warmth.

3. be mine… virtually

As we learned with each holiday and milestone this year, virtual gatherings can be a great way to safely be with those we love.  Best of all, we can include far away guests who would normally be left out!  Gather over video chat with coordinated candle-lit dinners or host an online game night.

4. get outside

Grieving a Valentine’s tradition that involves people outside of your bubble?  Adapt it for the great outdoors!  Being outside, especially when six or more feet apart, greatly reduces transmission.  Go for a socially distanced walk.  Find a romantic pond open for ice skating.  Build sculptures in the snow and drink hot coco…  Embrace your inner child, pack on some layers, and go play!

5. mask up

If you do interact with people outside of your household, remember to grab a mask!  According to the CDC’s new masking guidelines, wearing a snug-fitting mask (or two) can reduce transmission by as much as 95%!  Show those you love that you also care about their safety ♡

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