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Adaptive Costumes This Halloween

Mighty Well was created out of the belief that all of us deserve clothing, accessories, and other products that celebrate our bodies as they are.  We have been thrilled to see the adaptive wear industry take off, and with traditionally abled-focused brands joining our fight!  Zappos now features brands whose core mission is to create products that work for the bodies most overlooked in the fashion industry.  Companies like Tommy Hilfiger are creating their own adaptive linesDisabled and chronically ill models are taking to the runway.

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And now, with Halloween just around the corner, Disney and Target have both released incredible adaptive costumes for kids!  These costumes don’t hide our kids’ differences, but rather incorporate them in ways that celebrate each body and the medical devices that give us our superpowers.

Do you have a favorite adaptive wear brand?  We’d love to hear it!  Join the Friends in the Fight Facebook group to share stories with our community.

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