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Sensory Friendly: 3 reasons we love the Mighty Well Mask!

Wearing masks has become a social expectation and, in some places, a government mandate.  More than this, it is still one of the best ways to slow the spread of COVID-19.  Even asymptomatic people can transmit to others, so each person wearing a mask is protecting everyone they come into contact with.  

Wearing masks is a crucial act of kindness healing for your community.  While we know it is not dangerous to wear a mask, it is not always 100% pleasant — unless you have a mask made for comfort!  For those of us with sensory issues — from autism, sensory processing disorder, hypersensitivity, central sensitization, or other forms of neurodiversity — wearing uncomfortable masks can be a challenge.  Fabric that isn’t soft enough can feel painful.  Funky smells can become headaches and nausea.  Add moisture buildup and trapped humidity, and it’s enough to cause some sensory overload. 

At Mighty Well, we’ve had mask designs in process since well before this pandemic.  Our mission is to serve patients and caregivers, to offer comfort and confidence to those going through medical challenges.  Masks have always been a crucial piece of equipment for patients and their allies.  Outside of novel virus events, masks protect people with compromised immune systems, chemical sensitivities, airborne allergies, and more!  

Because we’ve been thinking about this product for a long time as a solution to long-term problems —  and because our team deals with these very conditions ourselves — we made sure our masks would be up to the challenge.  We wanted something durable, stylish, and yes, sensory friendly!

Using the soft-touch fabrics we designed for our PICCPerfect PICC Line Covers (used on the most sensitive skin!) and silver-ion antimicrobial technology, we created the unbelievably wearable Mighty Well Mask.

mighty well mask features

We love so many things about this mask, and have been thrilled to hear how much our Friends in the Fight love it too!  Our favorite features, backed up by reviews:

1. it’s ridiculously breathable

“So breathable and lightweight! My go-to mask now. So comfortable!”

“It is without a doubt the easiest mask to breathe in, love the nose tab, too! Love, love, love!”

“I breathe freer through the fabric than I do with my disposable and reusable cloth masks. I have several types of masks and I always reach for my Might Well Mask”

“As a lung patient due for a double transplant, I’ve had trouble breathing through most masks… I’ve tried them all.  Along came Mighty well, and I can breathe again!!“

“These masks are by far the best I’ve tried! My roommates love them because they’re the only masks we have found that won’t fog up their glasses.” 

2. it feels barely there

“smooth to the touch and it doesn’t cause friction on my face”

“I have POTS and nerve damage in my face and ear, so having a lightweight mask that is comfortable and breathable is very important to me. This mask has been much easier for me to wear than the (many) others I’ve tried”

“It feels like there really isn’t anything on my face.  As someone with anxiety, ADHD, and post-concussion syndrome, I am very sensitive to how things feel.  The mighty mask is so weightless and due to the sizing choices, it actually fits my face and is comfortable to wear. “

“The material is super soothing on the skin and light, making it feel like you’re not even wearing a mask”

“I forget that I’m wearing it.”

3. the fabric is anti-odor and moisture-wicking

“Mask acne has become a problem recently so I’ve been looking for moisture wicked face masks and these are perfect!” 

“Very comfortable and easy to wear. It is especially great due to the light, moisture wicking, quick drying fabric!”

“Lightweight and not heavy on my face like other masks. No weird smell.”

“The mask’s antimicrobial technology makes us all feel safer, the mask wicks away any moisture, so it is comfortable and does not smell after it has been worn on a hot day! We have purchased 5 other brands over the course of this pandemic, and the Mighty Well mask is the best & our favorite as a family.” 

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