Mighty Well Mask FAQ

You asked, and we listened!  Here are answers to the questions we’ve been hearing from our Friends in the Fight:

What size should I get?

The Mighty Well Mask comes in three stylish colors and five comfortable sizes: KIDS, XS, S, M, L.  See our fit and features guide for sizing charts and more!  Our Mighty Mask is designed to contour and mold to your face shape. We recommend sizing down if you are between sizes.

Can I wash the Mighty Well Mask?

Yes!  We recommend soaking your mask in cold water with detergent and air drying, to preserve the 3D molded shape! Store it in the biodegradable bag provided. 

Does the Mighty Well Mask have a nose clip?

Yes!  Our adjustable nose clip keeps you safe by closing airflow gaps and preventing the mask from slipping down. 

When your Mighty Well Mask arrives, there will be a thin strip of plastic covering the metal nose clip. This is to prevent scratching. Remove for a matte finish look or keep it on for extra shine. 

Is the Mighty Well Mask compatible with removable filters?

No.  The Mighty Well Mask 1.0 does not have a pocket for filters.  We are, however, working on a medical-grade mask that will have a filter pocket!  In the meantime, we wanted to make sure our customers had access to a high-quality droplet mask with our patented and battle-tested fabric with silver-ion antimicrobial technology.

Does Mighty Well have a medical-grade N-95 mask?

Not yet!  Because we are a patient-run company, we know how important it is for our community to have medical-grade protection from COVID-19, pollution, and other health triggers.  That’s why our team is working hard to finish our Mighty Mask 2.0, but first we want to make sure it is thoughtfully designed and well-tested.  In the meantime, our Mighty Mask 1.0 does offer protection, and our immunocompromised gear can keep others informed and 6 feet away!

Does the Mighty Well Mask protect against the coronavirus? 

Yes!  The CDC recommends wearing cloth masks/face coverings whenever you are unable to maintain social distancing measures.  For more on why our mask’s signature fabric can keep you comfortable and safe, check out our fit and features guide.

What do you mean by antimicrobial?

Our patented fabric, used in products like the PICCPerfect PICC line cover and Mighty Well Mask, has antimicrobial silver-ion technology embedded.  Rather than an antimicrobial finish that would wear out over time, this technology is good for life and protects the fabric from microbes like mold, bacteria, and viruses!

Need something else?

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