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Mighty Well Mask | how to care for your antimicrobial mask

Caring For Your Mighty Well Mask

We have been thrilled to see the Mighty Well Mask orders flowing in, not just because we are donating a mask for every five-pack sold but also because all of these people are taking steps to keep the people around them safe!  

Now that our community is receiving the Mighty Well Mask, we want to make sure you have all the information you need!  First, make sure you are wearing it correctly with our Fit and Features Guide here.  For other questions, check out our FAQ here.  

As for how to properly care for your mask, we’ve put together a list you can return to whenever you need:

Mighty Well Mask Care Instructions

  1. Hand wash in cold water. *Note: Delicate cycle in the washing machine can also work, but it must be cold water, and may impact the overall longevity of your mask.
  2. Air dry after washing
  3. When not using your mask, store it in the safekeeping pouch that your mask comes in!  This pouch is easy to clean and biodegradable.  It is small enough to wear around your wrist, or keep in your bag or Self Care Case.

Wash your mask after a few days of wearing, or if it got sweaty or dirty. Thanks to the antimicrobial fabric, you can rest easy knowing that germs can’t live on the surface of your mask, but it’s still better to play it safe and wash your mask if you’ve been in a high-exposure situation.

We recommend owning more than one mask, so that you can keep one in your car, bag, house, and anywhere else you frequent.  It is also helpful to have backups to use when one mask is being cleaned.  That’s why we’ve created multipacks, with colors for every outfit

Caring for Other Mighty Well Products

Wash your PICCPerfect line cover for 2-3 times/week and tumble dry on normal-low heat.  Like your favorite pair of jeans, it may stretch out when loved!  Washing will return it to the original size.

To wash your Fluid Motion Backpack, simply spot clean affected areas with a damp cloth.

Stay tuned for more tips & tricks, and to see how others are using their masks!

how to care for your antimicrobial mighty well mask

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