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Three Cystic Fibrosis Activists That Travis Flores Thinks You Should Know

As you may know, May is Cystic Fibrosis Awareness month.  Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a progressive genetic disease.  It causes lung infections, as well as affecting the pancreas and other organs.  It makes breathing difficult and can require intensive treatment including lung transplants.  Especially right now, when people with underlying respiratory conditions feel particularly vulnerable, let’s set aside time to fight for our Friends with CF!

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We have heard incredible stories from our CF community, and tributes to the Friends who are no longer with us.  The story we hear over and over from Friends with CF is one of gratitude — being thankful for each breath, each year of life, and for all of the people who step up to help. 

One spoonie we have connected with over the years is Travis Flores.  Travis is an actor and beloved CF activist, who is in the process of getting his third double-lung transplant.  We asked him this year which CF activists he is following these days:

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Madi Vanstone 

Madi is a Canadian teen activist who has brought her fight to the public.  She petitioned for (and received!) coverage for her life-giving medication, and continues to work for wider access in the CF community.  She hopes one day to bring people together enough to discover a cure! 

Charles Michael Duke 

Charles is a Broadway performer from England.  His ability to use his lungs so powerfully is an inspiration to his community!  His double-lung transplantiversary is coming up this June, and he is thrilled to share the experience with the world.  In fact, he shares his thoughts, voice, and spectacular spirit on YouTube and social media!  He’s not ashamed to share even the most stigmatized aspects of CF!

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Tricia Lawrenson

Tricia is an amazing mom who has been vocal about her experience with CF.  She recently received her third double-lung transplant!

Thank you, Travis, for all you do and for highlighting these amazing spoonies for us!  We wish you the all the best with your upcoming transplant 💛

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