Why It is SO Important to Remember Accommodation Requests

by Allie Cashel
Why It is SO Important to Remember Accommodation Requests

If you are a friend, colleague, or supporter of someone living with a chronic illness or disability, you probably have been asked to make accommodations to help your Friends in the Fight thrive in your environment. Because you are a supportive friend, you’ve probably made those accommodations every time you’ve been asked. But after you made those changes and accommodations, have you ever forgotten them?

The Challenges of Remembering Accommodations

As someone who lives with a chronic illness AND is also friends with many folks living with chronic illness and disability, I know how hard it can be to remember everyone’s specific needs and accommodations. When someone is coming over for dinner or a cup of tea, it can be challenging to remember their specific dietary restrictions, scent restrictions, or mobility needs. It’s a lot to keep in mind!

I’ve also learned though, that when I do remember specific accommodation requests from my Friends in the Fight, it makes me a much stronger ally and supporter.

Why It’s Important to Remember Accommodation Requests

When living with a chronic illness or disability, making accommodation requests in the workplace and with friends and family can be exhausting. Reminding friends and colleagues over and over again about a specific dietary need or scheduling need takes up spoons that are often already on short supply. 

What You Can Do

If we want to be the best allies and supporters we can be, we should make an effort to remember the needs of our Friends in the Fight over time.

Write yourself a note about safe meals to cook when your friends come over for dinner, or about what conference rooms are the most conducive to natural light for colleagues who struggle with migraines. Remembering these sometimes small things, can make a HUGE difference in helping folks in your life who need accommodations to feel safe and feel seen. 

Do you have a story of a time someone remembered your accommodation request? How did it make you feel? Let us know in our Friends in the Fight Facebook group! 

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