Able Minded, Unable Body

by Desiree Schwartz
medical backpack

I’m sure many of you can understand and relate when I say, we are so capable of doing just about anything, at least from our minds aspect. When it comes to my body, often times, things I intended or planned on doing don’t really go the way I hoped. My chronic illnesses are to blame for that. 

It’s extremely hard knowing mentally you can do things but physically, you can’t. Don’t get me wrong; there are good days where I’m much less limited! There are days both my mind and body sync up and allow me to feel that everyday “normal” freedom.

I guess where I’m trying to get, is that life with invisible and chronic illnesses is like being on a balancing scale. It’s all about learning what’s too much-either but not doing anything at all, or going over the top. Once we learn where our middle is, the world is our oyster(so to speak)! 

There are tools to help us succeed and to be able to live a much more inclusive lifestyle. 

As a new “Tubie”, getting around on my good days seemed unrealistic due to being connected to a PEG tube and continuous feeds. Clearly I couldn’t be carrying around an IV pole all day!

Once finding the Mighty Well Backpack, I knew that was my answer. This bag has really been a lifesaver for me and allowed me to continue being involved in a more active part of society. I really don’t know where I’d be without it. Mighty Well helps me to be able minded with a more abled body and I’m forever grateful. 

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