Conversations With Tiffany & Caleb Remington: Chronic Illness and Relationships

by Allie Cashel
Conversations With Tiffany & Caleb Remington: Chronic Illness and Relationships

This week’s Facebook Live broadcast brought newlyweds and Mighty Well founders, Emily Levy and Youself Al-Humaidhi together as hosts. They were joined by another young couple, Tiffany and Caleb Remington to talk about navigating love, life, family and relationships when living with chronic illness.

Caleb was just one year old when he was originally diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and was given a life expectancy of 19 years. He’s now 27 year sold and is grateful to be beating the odds. He met his wife Tiffany on Instagram (we loved that anecdote) and ever since, they have used their love to spread goodness wherever they go. They were married last spring and used their wedding as a fundraising event to raise over 200K for five different charities including the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation! They have also founded Vow of Giving and travel cross country with their pup Oso in their RV, always bringing their optimism and positive energy with them.

As co-founders, newlyweds and couples with a passion for giving back, Emily, Yousef, Caleb and Tiffany would have plenty in common without having to navigate lives shaped by chronic illness. These many shared experiences made for a powerful conversation about persistence, support, optimism and most importantly – love. Check out their interview below!

You really start to live when there is a timeline, there is an end and it could be any time. That has really helped us live in the moment. 

– Caleb Remington

Thank you Tiffany and Caleb for joining us for this month’s Facebook Live Broadcast, and thank you Yousef for joining usand sharing your story as well!

Want to follow Tiffany and Caleb’s journey towards family planning? Check out their Instagram, Good On Wheels.

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