Back to School Adaptive Wear: Our Favorite Finds

by Allie Cashel
Mighty Well Team holding their arms up to show strength

When it comes to back to school shopping, we all want to make sure we find clothes and accessories that make us look and feel our best. The growing adaptive wear industry is setting out to make sure that every person can find clothing that meets their physical needs while still looking great! This is the industry that we live and breathe. Ever since we launched our very first PICCPerfect PICC Line cover, we’ve been a force in this fashion revolution – working to create clothing and accessories that increase quality of life for our Friends in the Fight.  

The best news is – we’re not alone! Many new brands and designers are embracing adaptive wear. Models like Mellie White and Julian Van Horne are walking the runway at NY Fashion Week this month showing off adaptive products like the Mighty Pack. And new products are being released every day welcome people of all abilities into the fashion world. 

Here are some of our favorite finds and places to shop for back to school adaptive wear this season:

Zappos Adaptive

Zaoppos Adaptive is a great place to shop for a variety of products that fit a variety of needs. They got started because they wanted to connect people with products that make life easier, and the range of products they have available (including some of Mighty Well’s products!) make for a great shopping experience. Check them out here! 

Tommy Adaptive

We love Tommy Hilfiger’s classic style, and love their adaptive line even more! These are runway-inspired styles designed to empower all of us, created with

dressing ease and freedom of expression top of mind. Check them out here! 

Mighty Well

Mighty Well has a series of products that can help you up your style game while still meeting your physical needs. The Mighty Pack has room for your medical supplies, plus a separate pocket for your books and computer! If you’ve been trying to jam your IV bag, medical pump, medical supplies, diabetic supplies, and personal belongings altogether, the Mighty Pack holds it all in a discreet and stylish way. This is also perfect for wheelchair users, as it has multiple strap locations to allow for flexibility. This school year, nobody needs to know that you are carrying or wearing your essential medical devices and supplies. You can pack what you need in a discreet and fashionable way! 

What are your favorite adaptive wear finds of the season? We want to hear from you! 

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