Infusion and Feed Capabilities – A Closer Look at the Mighty Pack

by Allie Cashel
Mighty Well | medical backpack

Organizing and carrying around medical supplies, including IV bags, pumps, diabetic supplies, and extra tubing, can add unnecessary stress to patient lives. That’s why we designed the Mighty Pack, the first medical backpack designed for patients, by patients. It’s the perfect versatile solution for patients looking for an IV infusion or feed backpack that can hold everything you need for a day on the go!

Since we launched the Mighty Pack in December, we’ve been receiving questions about how this backpack fits specific patient needs. We’ve collected some of those questions below to help you find out whether the Mighty Pack is right for you! Please reach out if you have any other questions about how the Mighty Pack can help you in your treatment journey. You can also learn more about my favorite features of the Mighty Pack here.

What size of nutrition / TPN bags does the Mighty Pack fit?

The Mighty Pack was designed to accommodate most universal home infusion and TPN bags up to 1500ml in our expandable medical pocket. There are two hooks at the top of this pocket, with room to hang two bags at the same time. A pump and a single bag will also fit comfortably next to each other in this space. If you choose to hang a single bag, you can use the other hook at the top to keep any extra tubing contained and out of your way without any kinks on the line. Our Friend in the Fight, Sarah, comfortably hangs two 1200 mL bags next to each other, placing her two pumps in the mesh pockets of the Mighty Pack every day.

What types of pumps does the Mighty Pack work with? Does it work with a Kangaroo Joey pump?

The Mighty Pack can accommodate most pump brands. The Kangaroo Joey pump fits well, and can be secured in the bag using the velcro straps at the bottom of the medical pocket. Our Friends in the Fight have also noted that Curlin and Enterra Lite pumps work well. Depending on the size of your pump, you can either store it in the mesh pockets or using the velcro straps mentioned above.

What is the size and weight of the backpack?

The dimensions of the backpack are 14.5″ h x 12″ w x 4″ d. Without any supplies stored inside, it weighs just over 2.5lbs. As you add your medical supplies, IV bags/nutrition bags, sharps, and extra tubing, this weight will increase.

The Mighty Pack stands up on its own, making it easy to set up your supplies for easy access and function without having to hold up the backpack as you prepare for your day.

How does it work with a wheelchair and which wheelchairs does it work with? Will my wheelchair fall back?

The Mighty Pack is designed to easily convert to fit over the back of wheelchairs, with adjustable straps to accommodate different widths and chair heights. Our Friend in the Fight Kayla hangs the backpack over her back rest and it fits perfectly! As long as the width of the chair is bigger than the width of the backpack (12”), you’ll be secure.

And unless you pack your Mighty Pack is very full, you don’t have to worry about your wheelchair falling back! The only way the wheelchair will fall back is if the backpack weighs more than your body weight and wheelchair combined.

How can I decorate my backpack to make it more colorful? Does it come with other colors or is it okay to dye?

Currently, the Mighty Pack only comes in black and should not be dyed! That said, it can be fun to decorate your Mighty Pack with patches, stickers or keychains to give it your own personal flair.

What else do I need to know?

In addition to the expandable medical supply pocket, there is a second compartment to keep your tech or personal objects separate from medical supplies; in case there is ever any liquid from your bag, you can feel assured this won’t damage your personal belongings. You can also use this for additional medical supplies, like bandages if you need the extra space. There are also two extra pockets in the front and in the back, for your quick grab and go items.

On the medical side, the compartments here are easy to clean and can fit multiple ice packs if you want to keep food or medication cold. They also have reinforced mesh pockets to keep sharps contained, especially if you are a diabetic patient.

Do you have any additional questions? Feel free to reach out and we can help you figure out if the Mighty Pack is right for you!

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