The Mighty Pack: Empowering One Story, One Adventure At a Time

Chloe O’Neil, founder of More Than Lyme, first contracted Lyme disease in 2001 and for a long time, she struggled to talk about it. “In fact, for 14 years I ran away from, rather than trying to face the darn thing,” she says. “Which is where you can find me now. Facing it all, re-framing how I view myself, the world around, and what I tell myself I can and can’t do.”

Chloe now uses her adventures through nature and the power of storytelling to raise awareness about Lyme disease and other illnesses. She’s encouraging our Friends in the Fight to rethink our limitations, and push our selves to pursue our own adventures, whatever those might be!

We’ve been pretty inspired by Chloe and her work, so last month we shared our new Mighty Pack with her so she could push her self even further on all of her adventures. Check out this amazing video, featuring Chloe and the Mighty Pack!

“I absolutely love the feel and the way it looks!,” Chloe said. “It’s going to be a complete game changer for me. Cannot wait to start taking it with me on all of my adventures.”

Adventures look different for all of us, but when we start to push past our fears and limitations amazing things can happen.

What did starting More Than Lyme and telling stories of her adventures do for Chloe?

“It ended up changing the way I not only view myself, but this illness and what it has done for me; though devastating, Lyme Disease has taught me to keep creating alongside healing. Rather, to not let the complexities and obstacles of this disease take complete control of my life, and in turn, allowing my mind and body to explore places it used to only dream of.”

What will your adventure be this week, this month, or this year? 

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