We Are Mighty Well

by Ariela Paulsen
Mighty Well Team

This past year, I’ve learned to appreciate the small things: moments of peace at home, a sunny day, grabbing a good book at my local bookstore.  I feel so much more connection to things I once overlooked.  As local shops and restaurants struggle, it brings to light just how much they mean to me, how much they shape our communities.  I’ve found myself wanting to know more about the people, relationships, and visions that make up these small businesses.

At Mighty Well, we are not just an online shop.  Our small team is passionate, driven by our mission.  We have lived as patients, caregivers, and allies.  We create products that we wish we’d had, and foster the community that continues to get us through the tough moments.  It is such a blessing to be part of the Mighty Well family.  For those of you wanting to get to know us better, here’s a snapshot of some of the people who make up our team:

Holly Childs

What’s your role at Mighty Well?

I am the creative director — in other words, I manage social media, the ambassador program, and do most of the digital graphic design 🙂

I’ve been working with Mighty Well for nearly three years and my pride for the company has only grown as I’ve gotten to know our missions and everyone involved. It’s so inspiring to me, as a fellow female entrepreneur, to see what an idea can become when you have the right support from friends and family and the motivation to help others.

How has illness / disability impacted your life?

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at 11 and it was really bad early on. Luckily, I found a great doctor who listened to me and a medication that works well, so I have kept it mostly in remission since. I’ve had flare ups, but most have been mild, and I am so thankful for that! It still affects my everyday life, though, even more so over the past few years, and it’s something that people who don’t have illness or disability aren’t able to fully understand.

Why do you love working at MW? 

Most people who have never suffered from illness or disability just aren’t able to understand the profound effect it has on your everyday life. I love that Mighty Well brings a community of patients together where we can see we’re not alone in our struggles. Managing the social media and the ambassador program, I’m able to see firsthand how supportive our community is. I also love Mighty Well’s initiatives to give back. Although it saddens me that this is true, good healthcare and access to products that make the lives of patients easier are a privilege.  I love that Mighty Well helps to bridge that gap through donations, free resources, and a supportive community that can offer advice and understanding.

What else makes you tick?

There’s nothing I enjoy more than traveling. I’m so excited for the day where we can travel again and I’m grateful that Mighty Well’s products (my fav are the masks and the MedPlanner!) make it easier for those of us with chronic illness or disability to travel.

Alexandra Moresco

What is your role at MW?

I am lucky enough to touch upon a little bit of everything! My main role is communications and celebrity/influencer relations. I also seek out and execute mask donations to front line workers, nonprofits, and others in need. 

How has illness / disability impacted your life?

Five years ago I became very sick with no answers. After years of medical testing, I was finally diagnosed with tick-borne disease and suffer from multiple comorbidities. Chronic illness has changed my life immensely and I now dedicate my time to working with brands that support those living with chronic disease, philanthropy around healthcare, and legislative advocacy. 

Why do you love working at Mighty Well? 

Four years ago when I received my first PICC line, a member of the Lyme community sent me a PICCPerfect sleeve. I remember that day and how much it changed my mindset — knowing that there was a brand out there who cared about the chronically ill and making our lives better.

I still hold that same feeling in the work that I do today with Mighty Well and feel privileged to join in their mission to improve the lives of patients across the world. I love that I get to work with equally passionate individuals, and directly with Maria, Emily and Yousef in their quest to make the world a better place.

What else makes you tick?

I have three poodles that I call the loves of my life and bring me so much joy every day. In my spare time, I advocate for patients to the Federal government to improve the lives of those living with chronic illness and disabilities.

Ariela Paulsen 

What is your role at Mighty Well?

Content and Community Manager, which means I get to write blogs and foster the community aspects of Mighty Well!  

How has illness / disability impacted your life?

I’ve been sick with EDS, POTS, MCAS, etc throughout my life.  It has affected every aspect of who I am — core memories from childhood, my relationships, housing options, my work, which foods I can eat and hobbies I am able to enjoy… It has also brought me into the most wonderful and caring community!  My sick and disabled friends have been critical supports during bad flares.  

Why do you love working at Mighty Well?

The people.  Patients and caregivers are incredible creative problem-solvers — because we have to be!  I love working on a team with people who get it, who have devoted themselves to helping others, and who see barriers as an interesting challenge rather than roadblocks.  I also love the opportunity to build our community, since it was such an integral part of my own healing journey.

What else makes you tick?

I am a painter and nature enthusiast!  I find peace in woods, mountains, and in front of an easel.

Maria del Mar Gomez 

What is your role at MW?

Co-founder and Marketing Manager

How has illness / disability impacted your life?

Thankfully, I do not have a chronic illness myself.  However, some of my closest friends and family members have faced (or are still facing) life-changing illness and chronic conditions. This includes my best friend and co-founder, Emily Levy, and one of my closest aunts, who was diagnosed with breast cancer and who passed away after years of fighting this horrible disease. 

I’ve come to learn that when someone close to you is going through an illness, there is no way that it doesn’t impact you emotionally – especially, if you really want to be there for that person.

Before her diagnosis, Emily and I were freshmen at Babson college, doing the things that normal college students do: studying, sports, and dancing to our heart’s content at every party we could. Life seemed to be “normal” at that time – like there was nothing that could stop us – and it seemed like it would be like that forever.  Emily was finally diagnosed with chronic neurological Lyme Disease – after 7 years of the wrong diagnosis, where she could have been getting treatment all along.

All of a sudden, I could no longer do the “normal” things that I used to do with my best friend. 

The constant doctors’ visits, intense medications started and one day the PICC Line was put in her arm. The first time I saw her PICC, a dozen questions were going through my mind – how do you feel, does it hurt, what is that, how does it work, for how long will you have to have it? And yet, if I bombarded her with these questions I knew that these would only overwhelm her when I was there to try to support her. 

I’ve seen her face so many physical and emotional hardships because of Lyme. When a precious person in your life is going through such an immeasurable level of pain, loss, anxiety, depression, you feel all of them yourself. And yet, at the same time, it also made me develop a deeper sense of gratitude for my health than I could ever have achieved. And with that, more respect and awareness to take care of myself – body and mind – to the best of my ability. 

Why do you love working at MW? 

The essence of Mighty Well is creative empathy; our work is to put our creativity to work in a way that can deliver products to help in our own health journey and those of millions of people going through similar experiences.

Personally, it’s always been thrilling and fulfilling to create something that didn’t exist before in this world – and to know that you are improving people’s lives by bringing it forth into existence!

Have a question for our team? Email us at [email protected] or ask in our Friends in the Fight facebook group!

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