Sasha Pieterse: bringing PCOS into the light

by Ariela Paulsen
Sasha Pieterse: bringing PCOS into the light

It can be tough to talk about illness for so many reasons. Some conditions come with additional challenges, such as stigma and taboo topics. Sasha Pieterse faced both when she was recently diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

As a Hollywood actress, Sasha’s physical appearance carries extra scrutiny and judgement. While many actors are beginning to talk about the sexism and mental health implications of the industry, the issue is still quite present. In coming forward about PCOS — a disease that causes weight gain and facial hair — Sasha has stared down the stigma of female celebrity weight fluctuation, and said goodbye to the taboo of talking about sexual health.

We can hear our own experiences with diagnosis and discovery in her story:

“A big weight was lifted off my shoulders, no pun intended, to know what it all was… I felt like I kind of had to say something, not just to explain what was going on with me, but also for awareness, because so many women have PCOS and they don’t even know.” 

Sasha Pieterse in Pop Sugar

Thank you, Sasha, for breaking down barriers!

Want to share your own story with PCOS? We’d love to hear it! Join the community in our Friends in the Fight group.

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