Partnership For Progress: Mighty Well & Suffering the Silence

by Ariela Paulsen
Partnership For Progress: Mighty Well & Suffering the Silence

This is an important moment in history. We are in the midst of an uprising, demanding racial justice that is long overdue. And as we join this fight to dismantle systemic racism, we also find ourselves in the midst of another battle: the fight against COVID-19. Even as the world starts to open back up, our Friends in the Fight need to remain vigilant in efforts to protect themselves and their families from the pandemic. We are committed to supporting our community through both of these fights.

In this unique moment in time, community and collaboration are more important than effort. That’s why we have recently partnered with Suffering the Silence, a nonprofit dedicated to breaking the stigma surrounding chronic illness and disability. Through our partnership with Suffering the Silence, we will be donating 500 masks to members of the illness and disability community in need.

Suffering the Silence also believes in the power of partnership and the power of community. In the coming months, the STS community will nominate 500 individuals who would benefit from this gift. These folks will use their new Mighty Well Mask to help navigate whatever challenge they are facing. These masks might help them feel safe in socially distant conversations with friends or family who have been out participating in recent protests. They might provide confidence for community members discovering how they can safely navigate the world after quarantine. They might even be worn by someone participating in a protest themselves! Follow STS on Instagram to learn how you can help identify recipients of this donation! 

Do you want to help make this donation possible? Learn how you can get involved and contribute to this donation here

Collaboration and partnership help create true progress. We are mightier together. 

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