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Dave Agolli

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Why All Lyme Warriors should Strive to Raise Awareness

By Dave Agolli | Feb 20, 2017 |

Lyme Warrior, Mom with Lyme

Cat Seven was officially diagnosed with Lyme Disease in September of 2015 (first positive test was March 2015). She had a positive Elisa. Along with medical changes, She ended up pregnant. She and her husband focused on a healthy pregnancy. Cat found her first LLMD in August 2015, got the Igenex test, and she had 8 out of 10 markers show up positive. Then, Cat had her co-infections test done and ...
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5 Common Questions on PICC Line Dressing Changes Answered

We have had the pleasure of speaking with Moteah Williams. Moteah is currently a Registered Nurse as well as the inventor of the Nistaa waterproof transparent barrier. The barrier is used to protect PICC lines and catheters and keep them dry when bathing or taking a shower. Moteah was kind enough to answer some of the questions we had on PICC line dressing changes that many patients have asked ...
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