Mighty Well Fall Photoshoot

by Allie Cashel
Mighty Well Fall Photoshoot

Last week, the Mighty Well team hosted a fall photoshoot in New York City! Like our team, every model had been impacted by chronic illness or disability in some way. This was as a wonderful way to bring together members of the community while also fighting for illness and disability representation in the media!

We are so excited by the photos captured by our talented photographer, Amanda Crommett, and look forward to sharing them with the community in the coming weeks. We were able to showcase all of our favorite products – the Mighty Wrap, MedPlanner, PICC Perfect, Mighty Pack and more! This was an amazing event made possible by passionate people with inspiring stories.

We are thankful to all involved in helping to contribute to this event and making it everything we could have imagined! Our Mighty Models shared their thoughts and takeaways with us after the photoshoot. Check them out below.

Facing Our Fears

“When I was introduced to Emily and the greater Mighty Well community I no longer saw my scar as proof of a disability but as a source of strength,” said Mighty Model, Khaled. “I became emboldened by surviving my illness instead of letting it control me. Being at the photoshoot this past weekend allowed me a chance to face my fear and celebrate my challenges. I really enjoyed it and have started connecting with other members of the community for (and to) support.”

Building Community

The Mighty Well Photoshoot also helped our Mighty Models to find community. “Mighty Well is incredible as both a brand and a community,” said Mighty Model Jasmine. “Being in a room full of awesome products and beautiful souls was such an inspiring experience.”

Mighty Model and Brand Ambassador, Janira Obregon, agreed. “I loved meeting and connecting with everyone. It was really empowering seeing how we came together as Friends in the Fight, and supporting the mission of inclusion and accessibility.”

Finding Purpose

When struggling with illness and disability, it can be challenging to find a bigger purpose in life. This weekend, some of our models found that purpose! “It was the first time in a long time that I felt like there was something I could do,” said Mighty Model Chalice. “Everyone there made me feel like I was part of something. The MightyPack has made a huge impact on my life and to be part of it was really cool.”

Thank you to all of our Mighty Models and to the whole Mighty Well Team for making this experience so empowering. We can’t wait to share the photos with the rest of the community!

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