Long-term Vascular Access and My Journey to Healing

by Emily Levy
Long-term Vascular Access and My Journey to Healing

To Our Friends in the Fight,

Like you, I have spent years battling my health, experiencing success and hardship along the way. My experience as a patient inspired me to co-found Mighty Well, and since then, I have spent my career passionately advocating for the rights, feelings, and voices of patients facing chronic and short-term health setbacks.

I’m someone who has been on both sides of the healthcare industry, as the patient and as the business owner, so I know that healthcare is frenetic and fast-paced. Every day, clinicians spend their time running from case to case, doing their best to bring peace and comfort to patients like myself. I am forever grateful to the nurses, doctors, specialists, and all support staff who treated me as Emily the person, and not Emily the diagnosis code, Emily the name on a chart, or Emily the patient who has lived with three BD-Bard single lumens PowerPICC® catheters, and now a low profile implanted port since September of 2018.

Finding Compassion

Those personal moments are the moments that stay with me. I’ve made it my mission, both through Mighty Well and through my time as a patient, to encourage clinicians to remember the first time they meet us. Because after we see you, we go home. We go back to our lives, and we live with the choices that you make for us.

We have to go back to work. We have to go back to taking care of our dogs. We have to go back to our families and homes to try our best to incorporate the decisions that you have helped us make into our everyday lives.

Mighty Well is empowering our friends in the fight to turn their sickness into strength, so that when we go home — we are ready to take on whatever challenges life may through at us. But we all could use a bit of extra support and compassion along the way.

Will you join me for my first webinar?

I am proud that Mighty Well has partnered with BD, the makers of the three PICCs that I have used to get my life back, to share my perspective on living with a chronic illness and long-term vascular access needs. Tune in for my first webinar with them to showcase not only the challenges, but how I have been able to thrive with living with PICC lines, countless PIVs, and now a port.

I can’t wait for you to learn how I have been able to turn sickness into strength and how you can help improve the quality of life for your patients! Because the right device, the right product, and the right level of compassion can make my life in and out of the hospital that much better.

Mighty Well Wishes,

Emily Levy

CEO and Co-Founder of Mighty Well

Lyme, POTS, and CIDP Warrior. Professional Patient. Award Winning Startup Founder

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